We write emails that make you five to 36 times more than what you pay us

For coaches and course creators wanting to scale and win back their time.

"It's been a pleasure.... my email list and course sales were going nowhere but Nick [and his team] came up with great strategies to build both that I had no idea about. I’ve now more than doubled my email list."

Richard, owner of YouTube channel SheffieldMadePlants

Holistic email marketing growth

We only work with coaches and course creators

Monthly A/B tests

Increase the performance of your email automations with monthly A/B tests.

Optimised email deliverability

Our best practises increase email deliverability by 20% on average.

Tailored campaigns and flows

Promotions and automations that increase sales without sounding salesly or compromising your authenticity.

“I can't recommend Holon Acquisition enough”

Jackie Woodside, USA Today best selling author, TEDx speaker, and internationally acclaimed coach.

We've helped course creators and coaches with over 10 million combined followers scale with direct response copy...

Case Study

How We Activated Jackie Woodside's Email List To Generate $7,576 In One Month

Cash Injection campaigns are a great way to reactivate your list, generate revenue, and provide value all at the same time. Learn about our most recent project with 4x best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and internationally recognised coach Jackie Woodside.

How are we different?

An extension of you

We operate in addition to your current marketing efforts, meaning that we’re not replacing anything that you’re doing. Due to our extensive market, competitor, and product research, this also means that our emails will sound exactly like you wrote them, so there’s no need to worry about compromising on your authenticity.

Lean operation

You will only ever deal with the people working directly on your account. No account managers or middlemen involved. You will also have 24/7 access to us. We also strictly limit the amount of clients we work with to allow for a specialised service.

Specialist service

Coaches and course creators value their audience and their community. Even if they know that constantly selling to their email list will generate sales, they don’t do it because they know it can diminish the relationship with their audience. Our entire system is designed around authenticity, relationship building, and long-term thinking.

“Their approach makes you feel more like a partner than a client.”

Matthew Weaver, Memory Evolve

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