How We Activated Jackie Woodside's Email List To Generate $7,576 In One Month


Jackie Woodside is a world-renown coach, international trainer, USA TODAY and four-time Amazon bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and online course creator.


She had spent 5+ years building her email list, and managed to amass 6,000 subscribers since starting her newsletter. The problem was, for all of the work that she put in to grow this list, she was struggling to monetize it.


Jackie wanted to be able to reliably sell her programs to this list, but do it in a way that remained true to her values as a life coach and course creator. It was important that bridges weren’t burnt, and that the relationship between her and her audience remained strong.

She also wanted to get back some of her time, and not spend hours writing emails herself, setting up automations, and optimising this process each month.

Our Method

We created and implemented a bespoke email promotion of 11 emails, that was tailored to her brand voice and spoke to her ideal customers with value driven email content that put first the audience’s needs over sales.


Specifically, we aimed to solve a problem that the majority of Jackie’s subscribers had in their life through these emails, so that even if a subscriber didn’t purchase, they still got value from the emails. In the final few emails, a discount to the course was promoted in order to encourage action.


We then optimised her sales process. This included making upgrades to her sales page to more effectively speak to her ideal customer, making important adjustments to the checkout page to boost conversions, and implementing order bumps and upsells so that we could raise the average order value of each purchase.


The first email promotion that went live generated $4,476 within the first 14 days of launching.

This was then followed by another email promotion in the following month. Over the weekend of the second email promotion, the total revenue generated increased to $7,576. This revenue excluded all other sources of income for Jackie’s online course, and was attributed entirely to unrealised revenue that was “hiding” in her email list.


Not only did Jackie increase her revenue from a dormant email list of buyers, she actually received dozens of emails from her subscribers, thanking her for these valuable emails – and communicating their anticipation for receiving more in the future.

One of the key factors in our success was ensuring that every email was written with the brand voice of Jackie, and that the sequence led first with value so as to maintain this positive relationship with her and the subscribers.


In conclusion, it was great to implement this system for Jackie. It has not only allowed her to generate more revenue with her online courses each month (with predictability), but allowed her having to take hours out of her schedule.