How We Increased Popular YouTube Channel’s Online Course Revenue by 309% and Email List By 455%


Sheffield Made Plants is a YouTube channel with over 336,000 subscribers and 51,000,000 views that shares tips and advice on how to grow houseplants.


They sell an online course, but was struggling to generate more than a few sales per week.


This YouTube channel also had over 2,000,000 video views per month, yet their email list had only 1,800 people on it.

Sheffield Made Plants Channel Info

Our Method

Growing The Email List

After our previous experience working with popular YouTube channels, we knew that 2,000,000 views per month should be able to reliably add an additional 5,000 – 10,000 email list subscribers per month if done correctly.


The first step was to assist in creating a lead magnet that would help to grow the email list.


There are a lot of ineffective lead magnets that are pedalled to the internet for free, but provide no value. We needed to make sure that this lead magnet was a resource that the audience found helpful, as it would be a lead-in to building trust and authority.


The following was our criteria for an effective lead magnet:

  1. Have a high perceived value to your audience (not generic)
  2. Have a high actual value
  3. Something they can use straight away
  4. Can get immediate value from without having to do anything (or much)
  5. Needs to be ultra specific
  6. Is about one big thing
  7. Speaks to a known desired end results
  8. Shift the relationship and make them think of you as an expert

Within a week, we had a lead magnet that fit all of the relevant criteria.

Monthly Email Promotions

Monthly email promotions are one of the most reliable ways to generate consistent revenue.


But in order to be effective, they must be done in a way that is authentic and leads with value.


For Sheffield Made Plants, we followed a promotion structure which had 11 emails sent out over 14 days.


To learn more about the promotion structure and how you can apply it for yourself, click here to download our Promotion Guide & Calendar.


In the three months from April – June 2024, here are the results achieved:


Email list growth: 1,800 -> 10,000 (455%)


Total course sales growth: 309% growth


Average open rate: 47.5%


Average click-through rate: 4.75%


In conclusion, it was great to implement this system, and we’re continuing to implement it on a monthly basis to grow the monthly revenue for Sheffield Made Plants.